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  1. We realize that the prices that we told you in the video for THC carts sound reaaaalllly high. We used pricing from medical facilities. Of course we don’t pay that much and you probably don’t either. Stop flexing on us with your dealer’s prices 😂 Any suspicious or suggestive comments will be deleted. SUBSCRIBE for more Weed Related Content 💛💚❤️

  2. i hit a dab pen about 48 hours ago and sometimes when i look at my phone or some objects i get this quick state where it feels like i am still high for about 5 minutes can anyone relate?

  3. Do you know any reliable online sources about carts in general. I’m kind of skeptical about them as I try avoiding them because I hear a lot of different things. I tend to stick with flower most the time because of its reliability but I need to know more about carts. They just seem too risky.

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